Mingus Appreciation Society

Waterloo Public Square Saturday July 21, 1:00 pm

Bandleader and trombonist Robin Jessome debuts a new ensemble – the Mingus Appreciation Society. Featuring members of the Blunt Object collective from Toronto, Hamilton, and Kitchener/Waterloo, the seven-piece group brings together unique musicians and pays tribute to the quirky music of Charles Mingus. Weaving complex arrangements with group improvisation, the personality and sense of humour in Mingus’ timeless compositions reflect a man who was an eclectic and uncompromising musical force, and hugely influential on jazz musicians that followed him.

Francis Smith (saxophones), Robin Habermehl (saxophones), Jesse Malone (trumpet), Robin Jessome (trombone), Andriy Tykhonov (piano), Tom Altobelli (bass), Mike Rajna (drums)