Modus Factor

Saturday July 22, 2017 @ 1:30 pm Waterloo City Hall Stage

Saturday July 22, 2017 @ 1:30 pm
Waterloo City Hall Stage

Three of Toronto’s busiest studio musicians bringing their considerable experience from three different musical circles to the table to form MODUS FACTOR — a truly unique new electric jazz/groove/world music outfit.  Influenced heavily by Frank Zappa drummers, bandleader Chris Lesso spent years touring the world with Tony “Wild T” Springer & The Spirit and is now a highly acclaimed figure in the country’s rock and drumset community (endorsed by both Sonar Drums & Sabian cymbals he has toured the country as a drumset clincian); the Trinidadian born Brownman Ali is known as Canada’s multi-award winning jazz trumpet icon heralded as “Canada’s pre-eminent jazz trumpet player” by New York’s Village Voice magazine; and Ian De Souza is an extremely sought after bassist in Toronto’s busy electronic & World music scenes and a founding member & bassist for Kevin Breit’s Sisters Euclid.   Modus Factor brings all 3 of these musicians and their one-of-a-kind sounds on stage together performing uniquely exploratory improvisations, setting the table for an engaging expedition into modern music that will resonate with sounds ranging from Miles Davis to Frank Zappa to Antonio Carlos Jobim.  Their debut CD “The Picasso Zone”, since it’s release in Oct 2016 has been garnering global attention, particularly in Europe, having received two separate 4-star reviews at and being called “certified wild ride” by the Midwest Record in Illinois.

“Though I’ve seen Modus Factor often categorize themselves as ‘world music’, I think a much more accurate description of them would be ‘OTHER world music’. It’s off-worldly and alien and weird and wonderful in all the best possible ways.” — Paul Delong, Canadian drumset legend (Kim Mitchell, David Clayton-Thomas, Rik Emmet)

“A contemporary, forwarding thinking party on a platter, the sounds are as much the star of the show as the playing. Loaded with chops to spare, there’s plenty of action here that’ll make you think this is what Miles would have been up to has he been around longer” — Midwest Record, Illinois